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As President and Chief Executive Officer of Crenshaw Christian Center, Angela Marie Evans is a member of a unique group of women; she joins the ranks with such distinguished daughters heirs apparent as Jeanie Buss, Executive Vice President of the L.A. Lakers and daughter of owner Jerry Buss, and Linda Johnson Rice, CEO of Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. and daughter of founder John H. Johnson. Evans is believed to be the first, and possibly only, woman and daughter of a minister to sit at the helm of one of the country’s largest and oldest mega-churches. As President, she has oversight over a multimillion dollar budget and is responsible for a 22,000 person-membership, four schools, a worldwide television ministry, almost 200 employees in 14 divisions and operation of the famed FaithDome which has become a landmark and host to many prodigious community events.

Early Life

Born to Fred and Betty Price on September 25, 1956, Evans grew up in a loving yet financially-challenged Christian home. Her mother was a homemaker and her father worked fulltime, while also fulfilling his call to the ministry.  Life was not easy during the early years, but there was abundance of love and hope as the young Pastor Price was being true to his calling.

Evans attended Los Angeles public schools and graduated from Hamilton High School in 1974.  She briefly attended West Los Angeles Community College where she met her husband, A. Michael Evans, Jr.  At the age of 19, Evans married in 1976. Today, the couple has a son, Alan, and a daughter, Adrian. Alan and his wife, Carrie, recently blessed the Evans with their first grandchild, Akira.  Alan, Adrian and Carrie all work in the ministry.

Evans began her career at Crenshaw Christian Center in 1975 by assisting her father as the church secretary.  Although she was young, she was efficient and adept in clerical and office procedures.  A natural leader, she earned several promotions and in 1996 became the President of CCC.  Her shrewd judge of character and regular demonstration of compassion and sensitivity led to her advancement.

Achievements and Business Strategies

Having a strong work ethic, Evans said her drive was inspired by working with her mother and father. Their legacy inspired her to maintain the spirit of family and enterprise CCC has given to the greater Los Angeles business community. During her tenure, she developed a formal Human Resources Department, employee benefits packages, and best practices with HR and other administrative departments. In 1985, Evans, along with her parents, co-founded the Frederick K.C. Price III preschool and in 1986, the elementary, middle, and senior high schools. The schools are named in memory of her deceased older brother.  She also chairs the Education Advisory Board for the schools. Today, there are approximately 100 students enrolled.  Although a small “David-sized” school compared to the larger ones of Los Angeles Unified School District, the boys’ basketball team has won several California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Southern Section and California State championships.

Community Partners

On paper, Evans may not be one of the richest women CEOs, but she is one of the most influential. Standing a statuesque 5 foot 8 inches, Evans looked every bit of the part of Fire Chief when she was named Fire Chief For The Day for the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 2004. She has taken this honor very seriously and was personally instrumental in adopting Battalion #13 – that’s six stations.  Her community-mindedness marked the first time an organization has adopted a fire station in South Central Los Angeles.  Evans also established the Vermont Village Community Development Corporation (VVCDC) on behalf of her mother, Dr. Betty, who expressed dismay over the urban blight created by the civil unrest ignited by the Rodney King trial.  Since then, the VVCDC has been a strong contributor in the business development of the Vermont Avenue corridor.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles City Fire Department are friends who benefit from using the church grounds for special trainings, employment fairs, and memorial services in the FaithDome.  To date, CCC has been used for some of the most prodigious services of ranking officials in the state.  And many other nonprofits and community service organizations have benefited from various in-kind services.

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