Dr. Betty Price

Although demure and soft-spoken, Dr. Betty R. Price, wife of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price of the world-renowned Crenshaw Christian Center, is one of the most influential women in the 21st century.

A graceful figure of quiet determination, Dr. Betty’s innovative leadership and principles for living have made her a highly sought-after public speaker and role model for women, earning her the “Woman of the Year” award from the Los Angeles County Commission for Women in the Second District, among many other honors.

An author of several books, Dr. Betty has penned tomes that resonate with a vibrant celebration of life and how to obtain faith-sustaining health, prosperity and joy.   Some of her titles include “Wisdom From Above (volumes one and two),” “Through The Fire & Through The Water: My Triumph Over Cancer,” and “Standing By God’s Man,” illustrating her victory in maintaining a 57-year marriage and a loving family life.  Her cancer-survivor memoir, “Through the Fire & Through the Water: My Triumph Over Cancer,” has served as a tremendous source of inspiration and healing for thousands of Cancer patients and their families.  Her most recent book, “Warning To Ministers, Their Wives And Mistresses” is a profound clarion call for greater integrity in the church.

Traveling the globe with her legendary husband and meeting distinguished church and world leaders, it’s hard to imagine that Dr. Betty’s childhood wasn’t so privileged. Born Betty Ruth Scott in Mississippi, Dr. Betty relocated to South Central Los Angeles at age 10 with her hardworking parents who struggled to provide for their 12 children. Coming of age in one of California’s poorest urban communities, Dr. Betty held firm to her faith and a deep-rooted passion to improve social and economic justice for the needy.

Consequently, as the former First Lady of Crenshaw Christian Center and current Lady Elect, her desire is to help others by establishing numerous programs and groups that have included:


  • A Big Sisters/Little Sisters Program spearheaded by young ladies.
  • An Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Co-Dependency Program
  • A 24-hour Intercessory Prayer Network on church grounds
  • A Cancer Support Group
  • Vermont Village Community Development Corporation (VVCDC), which is a massive effort to restore beauty and viability to the Vermont Avenue corridor in Los Angeles.
  • A Women’s Fellowship which has served as a prototype for many women’s fellowships throughout the country.


Educated in Los Angeles’ public schools, Dr. Betty received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree in January 1994 from South Los Angeles Ministry School.

Apostle Price and Dr. Betty have four children — Angela  Evans, Cheryl Price, Stephanie Buchanan, and Frederick Price.  All of the Price children work in the ministry.   Apostle Price and Dr. Betty also have eight grandchildren: Alan (married to Carrie Evans) and Adrian Evans; Nicole and Allen Crabbe; Tyler, Justin and Sidney Buchanan; and Frederick V and Gabriel Price. They have four great grandchildren, Kamari Stewart-Crowley; and Akira, Atreyu, and Anthony Evans.

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