Mother’s Day Essay/Poem Contest Winners

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Mother’s Day Essay/Poem Contest Winners!!!

On Friday, May 1st we announced three winners from both Middle and High School! We had a total of ten students enter beautiful poems about their awesome moms. Our young writers who participated in the contest were: Micah Ciccel (6th), Veronicka Jackson (6th), Kai Dudley (7th), Danielle Ciccel (8th), Donovan Lewis (8th), Zuleika Franco (8th), Isaiah Clayton (8th), Solomon Harris (10th), Michael Reid (12th), Bridgette Furlow (12th).

 Please enjoy these winners’ heart-warming writings on “How I See God in My Mother.”

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Micah Ciccel – 6th Grade




My mom

Is like no other

She is my number

One lover.

She comforts me

In times of distress

I have no fear because

My mom is always blessed.

Mom you comfort me like no other

Your hugs are warm like the sun in the summer

You bring me joy like no other

I am so happy to call you my mother.

I love you mom.

Kai Dudley – 7th grade


    Happy Mother’s Day mom I love you with all my heart. You are one of the best things that haS ever happened to me. Every day I thank God for you and dad because I didn’t have to end up with such good parents like you guys. Mom you uplift me when I am broken and you are always there.  Mom you always say I want to give my kids a better life than you had and you have. You inspire me to do better things with my life, you show me to never give up.  You are the best mom in the whole wide world and I couldn’t ask for a better mom than you.


Mom you do so much for me and only ask for so little back. My family and I literally have a pass to almost every amusement park in California. I’m so thankful for that because some kids don’t even know what an amusement park is or looks like. Mom you show me to grateful for what I have because you never know where it is going. Mom you always know just what to say when I am down. I always may not want to hear it but I listen to it because I know you have been through experience. You are a great mother who wants her kids to be there very best. Thank you for everything that you have done it has been a blessing and I am thankful and blessed to have a wonderful mother like you.


Mom you are the brightness to my star, the lace to my shoe, the shine to my sun and the tar to my roof. Even though so many times you have made decisions that I don’t always agree with but I understand why you say it. You cannot even count how many times you have had to go to my cheer practices and drill team practices. Especially since some of them were on Saturdays and I know that nobody would like to drive from Long Beach to Los Angeles on a Saturday morning.  Mom you are the same lady that stayed in the hospital with me a week after I was born because of an eye condition. Mom you are the same lady who drives me to school every day and let’s not forget that the school is in Los Angeles and we live in Long Beach. As you are moving up positions at work and have to deal with a lot of people you still find time in your busy schedule to do something for me and my brothers. Words can’t explain how much you have provided for the family and continue to do.  Mom I just want you to know that you have made an impact on my life. I am so thankful because I know that there are kids out in this world that want a mother or a father that doesn’t have one. Thank you for being a wonderful mom to me and my brothers. You sacrifice so much for me and I love you. If there was “The World’s Best Mother” award, I know that you would receive it.


Isaiah Clayton – 8th grade


What makes a strong Mother?

When people ask me this question I think of my mother

My mother is a courageous

Her presence demands to be respected because she is a shadow of the Lord

So to those who ask me what makes a strong mother

I reply with my head up high, “My mother”

What makes a strong mother?

A strong Mother must remember where she has come and where she is going

What makes a stong mother must be built only on the Word of God

My mother is a woman who is determine to get something done

She will find a way to get Gods will done on the Earth

The presence of the Lord is represented through my mom

She is a woman of kindness, gentleness, love, joyful, and has self-control as stated in Galations 5:22 is what the Lord expects of us to behave

What makes a wise mother? My mother. My Wise Mother

Faces her fears with the mindset that she is the child of the Most High God and He loves her

She is not timid when it comes to asking questions and she is not boastful when giving answers

What makes a Wise mother some may ask me?

I look them in the eye (knowing that she is my pride)

And I reply “My mother makes a wise Mother”

My mother does not play with drinkers or fools

She  doesn’t do what everyone says is cool

My mother follows the rules

She is longsuffering and does not bargain or settle for satisfactory

When people ask me what is a wise mother, I reply “My mother is wise a mother”

My mother, strong, self-disciplined, determined, patient, kind and wise

There is no doubt represents the LORD!

Solomon Harris – 10th grade


When i was a little boy, I used to ride with my mother to go see my Grandma Pearl nearly every week. We usually went so my mom could get her fried green tomatoes. I used to love going to that little ole Town in Arkansas. It was cool to see where my mom grew up. We also use to have fun when my mom’s family came down for holidays.

As I started to get older my Grandma started to play a bigger role in my life. When she moved to Phoenix, I knew that she had an adventurous mindset.  Every time we went to visit her I knew church was on the agenda. We went so much until  I will always remember the name of the church, South Phoenix Missionary Baptist Church. The service was so L O N G. There was a little break in between Sunday school and church service. I was always glad Grandma fed me before we went.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my Grandma lived her life through Jesus. I feel like she inspired me to love and trust God. She always told me that God was the answer to all my problems, and I could call on His name anytime I wanted to. There are a lot of reasons I see God in my grandma, but the most important reason is that she treated God like a king and would do anything to make Him happy.I also can see God in Grandma Pearl because she brought my beautiful mother into this world and I thank  grandma for that. So therefore, God’s Spirit runs all through my grandmother. I miss her, and I love her with all my heart. I know I will see her in the next realm, when I get to heaven. I love you Grandma for sharing your belief in God with me.


Michael Reid – 12th grade

Michael Reid

How I See God In My Mother: Mindy Glaser

            A mother is one who loves and nourishes her child. Even when her child does wrong, the mother never stops giving her love. A mother’s duty is to love her child gives correction and instruction to the child, so that her child will not depart from it when older (Proverbs 22:6). A mother is one who provides for her child, no matter what sacrifices she has to make in the process. With all of these traits a mother continues her god given task to train, love, and nurture her blessing and reward from Jesus.

My mother, Mindy Glaser, has given her life so that I, Michael Reid, may live long and prosper. She has gone above and beyond anyone else in my family to ensure my success. When I was 11 years old (2008), my father passed away. However, despite his demise, my mother never lost faith in me. Even during that time, my mother never lost faith in God. God took care of us to the very end, all thanks to my mother’s prayers. A year later, my mother remarried and we moved as a result of foreclosure. Even in those circumstances, God continued to provide for her.

God continued to watch over her and provided her with a new home. Even over the years, when calamities of epic proportions hit our family, my mother never stood down and watched. Instead, she did everything she could to provide for me. She even used all the money she had to send me to Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools to begin and end my High School Career. No matter what the circumstance, she never lost her faith in God and never backed down even for a second. My mother has gone above and beyond, even in the most extreme of situations, to ensure that I would have a successful future free of worry. My mother is the best leader that has ever come into my life. She has trained me since the very beginning. She has been a blessing to me, my father, my stepfather, her co-workers, her friends and all the other people that have come into our lives. She has completed projects at work that no one else my age and at church has been able to complete on their own. Currently, my mother is the Executive assistant to the president of Crenshaw Christian Center/ Superintendent of Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools, Mrs. Angela M. Evans. She also assists with the Children’s Ministry and Teen Ministry offices. My mother has never stopped helping people. She is very accountable to herself, my father, my stepfather and the rest of her family. She works really hard to provide for both me and my whole family. I look forward to what lies ahead as the future closes in on me. Even when I go to college, I will continue to intercede in the spirit for my mom.


Bridgette Furlow – 12th grade



Unprecedented Mother

Mother of mine, mother divine, mother of all time.

How I love you with all of my heart.

Your tenacious personality runs through the lives,

Of those among you in present minds, and those set far apart.

No matter the circumstances placed into your life,

You keep your heart and faith strong.

Being determined to make things workout for the better,

And we have always seemed to get along.

As a Beautiful Black Woman of God,

You continue to make a difference.

And when I become stressed out, overwhelmed and confused,

You always assist me to understand that change will come,

That our struggle is short-term, that the days of pain and strife will cease.

That God is our only true outlet, our source of hope,

That we aren’t born to struggle until our death.

Her words are as pure spirit of a babe,

And her intentions are just as the flesh of a knight.

Mother lives her life in conservative power,

Her life is the perfect example of a Godly fight.

A fight to persevere and always be for and about God,

His word, His promise, and her future for her family.

So that the purpose of her life be fulfilled with blessings, determination,

Audacity to make a difference in the people around her.

And the wisdom to know that everything done, be done righteously.

So that her children will grow to be amazing Black Children of God,

Flourish in their lives, acknowledge the past but not let it dictate who we will become.

So that her life has the most meaning and her children look up to God and thank Him for blessing them with a mother who means and does the best for her heirs.

My mother is a superior woman, she is the most important, most influential being that God has bestowed me with in my life. Christianity plays a huge role in my mothers actions and advice to me. Her words are not empty. Her love is true, hard, motivating and most importantly, led by God. I see God in my mother through everything she does. Never having a negative word against me, always motivating me and reassuring me that God has beautiful things in store for my future.My moms morals and values are inspired truly by her love for the Lord and willingness to put her own life aside to be able to provide the best quality life that God has willed her to do. Her spirit is filled with such a positive aura that strangers always compliment her. My mother, despite all circumstances, trials, tribulations, and tragedies, always goes out of her way, even when she doesn’t have to, to give to other people. Though she may get down while going through things that don’t seem fair or right at the time, she always has her hopes set on God’s promises and never does she deny or doubt God’s works. Woman of God.


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